Assault on Faith: Yet Another Hindu Temple Targeted in California Attack”

Om Sharma
By Om Sharma 3 Min Read

JANUARY , 05 2024

In the latest incident of religious targeting, the Vijay’s Sherawali Temple in Hayward, California, fell victim to an attack adorned with anti-India graffiti, as reported by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF). This unfortunate event transpired merely two weeks after the Swaminarayan Mandir attack and just one week following a theft incident at the nearby Shiv Durga Temple. The consecutive nature of these incidents raises concerns about the safety and security of Hindu religious institutions in the region, prompting heightened attention from both the community and law enforcement agencies.

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In another post, the author strongly advocates for increased vigilance and security measures within Hindu temples, emphasizing the need for temple leaders to download the Hindu American Temple Safety Guide.

The guide explicitly addresses the categorization of temple graffiti as a hate crime and underscores the significance of implementing functional security cameras and alarm systems.

This precautionary approach is prompted by the escalating threats posed by Khalistan proponents and the pervasive risk from anti-Hindu actors.

The article cites a recent incident on December 23, where the walls of the Swaminarayan Temple in California were defaced with pro-Khalistan and anti-India slogans.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar expressed concern over the vandalism, highlighting the need to prevent extremists and separatist forces from gaining a foothold outside India.

The incident further underscores the challenges facing the bilateral relationship between the two
countries, particularly concerning the so-called Khalistan issue.

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“Wave of Vandalism Continues: US Hindu Temple Targeted with Anti-India, Pro-Khalistan Graffiti”

In the backdrop of rising tensions between New Delhi and the West, incidents targeting Hindu temples and Indian diplomatic missions have been reported, mirroring similar occurrences in the neighboring country, Canada.

The escalation of threats against Indian diplomatic personnel coincides with the alleged involvement of official Indian entities in the assassination of Sikh militant Hardeep Singh Nijjar and a purported conspiracy to harm separatist activist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu.

These incidents not only reflect a concerning pattern of security breaches but also highlight the broader geopolitical strain influencing relations between New Delhi and Western nations. The increasing frequency of such events underscores the need for heightened security measures and diplomatic dialogue to address the underlying issues contributing to these unsettling occurrences.

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