BJP President Raises Concerns Over Malda Student Murder: Alleges Drug Nexus and Criticizes Delayed Action

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State BJP President Sukanta Majumdar expresses deep concern over the Malda student murder, alleging a drug nexus and criticizing delayed action, raising questions about the role of authorities in the case.

West Bengal, February 04, 2024: In a statement regarding the tragic murder of a student in Malda, the state BJP President, Sukanta Majumdar, expressed deep concern over the incident, labeling it as “a very sensational incident.” Majumdar raised suspicions about the execution of the murder, hinting at the possible involvement of more than one person.

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Highlighting a disturbing aspect, Majumdar pointed to the alleged drug nexus prevailing in Malda. He quoted the girl’s father, who claimed that the accused was a drug addict. According to Majumdar, this drug-related issue is contributing to the repetition of such heinous incidents in the region.

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The BJP leader also criticized the delayed recovery of the victim’s body, emphasizing that it took 70-72 hours to locate it. Majumdar asserted that prompt action could have potentially saved the girl’s life. He went on to claim that the manner in which the body was recovered seemed scripted, suggesting a level of prior knowledge. In a controversial statement, Majumdar implied that the presence of the Chief Minister hindered the timely recovery of the body, insinuating a connection between the political figure and the handling of the case.

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BJP President Raises Concerns Over Malda Student Murder: Alleges Drug Nexus and Criticizes Delayed Action.
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