The Ministry of Coal and CIL’s outstanding success on GeM showcases the transformative power of digital platforms in public procurement, exemplifying efficiency and transparency in government operations.

New Delhi: The Ministry of Coal and Coal India Limited (CIL) have achieved tremendous achievement in the field of electronic procurement. The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) has had a revolutionary effect on the public procurement environment, as shown by a comprehensive examination of their e-Procurement performance over the previous three fiscal years.

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The use of GeM for e-procurement increased dramatically between fiscal years 2020-21 and 2022-23. It helped ease e-Procurements of 477 crore rupees in the 2020-21 fiscal year. This figure has risen to a mind-boggling 28,665 Crore rupees in the current fiscal year. As of October 15, 2023, the percentage of purchase completed through GeM as a share of total procurement had skyrocketed from 0.49 percent in the previous fiscal year to 72 percent in the current fiscal year. The Ministry of Coal has not only reached, but also beyond, its GeM purchase objective for the current year, having amassed an impressive Rs. 28,665 crore out of a total procurement of Rs. 39,607 crore as of today.

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The Ministry of Coal and CIL have demonstrated their expertise in using GeM for e-Procurement, making them stand out from other government agencies and PSUs. The groundbreaking nature of their adoption of digital transformation for increased efficiency and transparency in public procurement is highlighted by this new standard.

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The rising importance of digital platforms in expediting the procurement process in India is shown in this significant accomplishment by the Ministry of Coal and CIL. There has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of time and energy needed to complete public procurement because to GeM’s implementation.

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Launched as a government e-Marketplace, GeM has revolutionized the way in which government agencies make transactions online. It makes it possible to have frictionless exchanges, reasonable prices, and simple vendor administration. This move to digital has helped the government save money while also enhancing the procurement process.

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The Ministry of Coal has set a fantastic precedent for other government agencies by moving aggressively to adopt GeM. It demonstrates how digital platforms may make public procurement more accessible, cost-effective, and efficient.

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This success also fits in with the wider goals of the Indian government to encourage digitization and e-governance in all areas of society. The Ministry of Coal and CIL’s success with GeM demonstrates the usefulness of such programs and inspires other government agencies to adopt it.

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Stories like this one provide a hopeful picture of the potential advantages that technology and digital platforms might offer to government operations as the country continues to modernize and adapt to the digital age. India’s dedication to adopting digital solutions for a more transparent and streamlined government is demonstrated by the Ministry of Coal’s excellent success on GeM, which not only serves as a model for efficient public procurement.

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