Divya Pahuja Murder Case Update: Ex-Model’s Body Recovered from Canal

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In a significant breakthrough, Haryana police recover the body of ex-model Divya Pahuja from a canal. She was allegedly murdered by hotel owner Abhijeet Singh, leading to multiple arrests in Gurugram.

New Delhi, January 13, 2024 – In a significant development in the Divya Pahuja murder case, the Haryana police have successfully recovered the body of the ex-model from a canal in Tohana. The grim discovery follows the shocking incident where Divya, 27, was allegedly shot dead by hotel owner Abhijeet Singh in Gurugram.

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The police claim that Abhijeet Singh, accompanied by two others, callously dragged Divya’s lifeless body into a car and callously dumped it in Patiala. The motive behind this heinous act, as per police statements, points to an alleged extortion scheme orchestrated by Divya. It is reported that she was blackmailing the hotel owner with ‘obscene pictures,’ ultimately leading to her tragic demise.

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As the investigation unfolds, five individuals have been apprehended by the police in connection with the ex-model’s murder. Among the detainees are Abhijeet Singh, Hemraj, Om Prakash, and Megha Phogat. Megha is accused of aiding in concealing the murder weapon and Pahuja’s belongings. Balraj Gill is also under arrest for allegedly disposing of the victim’s body. However, Ravi Banga, another accused in the case, remains elusive and is still reported to be on the run.

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Providing a timeline of events, the Gurugram police recently arrested Balraj Gill at Kolkata airport on Thursday. Gill had reportedly fled from Patiala after abandoning his car near the bus stand. Earlier on January 5, the Gurugram Police announced the recovery of the car believed to have been used in disposing of Divya Pahuja’s body. The vehicle was identified through a security camera near the toll plaza, leading investigators to trace its involvement in the crime.

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As the Divya Pahuja murder case continues to unfold, the authorities remain committed to bringing all those involved in this brutal crime to justice.

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