Fog Causes Widespread Delays in Indian Railways’ Delhi Trains

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Dense fog blankets Delhi, disrupting the schedules of various Indian Railway trains on January 18, 2024. Passengers face delays as poor visibility challenges railway operations in the national capital.

New Delhi, January 18, 2024 – In a scenario familiar to winter travelers, dense fog has once again disrupted the punctuality of trains operating in and around the Delhi region. A multitude of trains faced significant delays, impacting travel plans for numerous passengers.

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Here is a detailed account of the affected trains and their respective delays:-

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  1. 12426 JAMMUTAWI-NEW DELHI RAJDHANI EXPRESS: Delayed by 01:45 hours.
  2. 22691 BANGLORE-NIZAMUDDIN RAJDHANI EXPRESS: Delayed by 03:45 hours.
  3. 22811 BHUBNESHWAR-NEW DELHI RAJDHANI EXPRESS: Delayed by 02:30 hours.
  4. 12266 JAMMUTAWI-DELHI SARAI ROHILLA DURONTO: Delayed by 04:30 hours.
  5. 12281 BHUBNESHWAR-NEW DELHI DURONTO: Delayed by 06:00 hours.
  6. 12801 PURI-NIZAMUDDIN URUSHOTTAM EXP: Delayed by 01:10 hours.
  7. 12427 REWA-ANAND VIHAR EXPRESS: Delayed by 04:15 hours.
  8. 12225 AZAMGARH – DELHI JN KAIFIYAT EXP: Delayed by 05:30 hours.
  9. 12919 AMBEDKARNAGAR-KATRA: Delayed by 03:00 hours.
  10. 14207 PRATAPGARH MLDP-DELHI: Delayed by 01:20 hours.
  11. 14042 DEHRADUN -DELHI JN.: Delayed by 01:20 hours.
  12. 12557 MUZAFFARPUR-ANANDVIHAR: Delayed by 03:15 hours.
  13. 12615 CHENNAI-NEW DELHI EXPRESS: Delayed by 01:00 hour.
  14. 12138 FEROZPUR-MUMBAI EXPRESS: Delayed by 01:00 hour.
  15. 12904 AMRITSAR-MUMBAI EXPRESS: Delayed by 01:20 hours.
  16. 12414 JAMMUTAWI-AJMER POOJA EWXPRESS: Delayed by 01:45 hours.
  17. 15658 ΚΑMAKHYA-DELHI JN: Delayed by 01:00 hour.
  18. 12447 ΜΑΝIKPUR-NIZAMUDDIN EXPRESS: Delayed by 02:00 hours.

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Railway authorities have attributed the delays to poor visibility caused by thick fog. Passengers are advised to stay updated on the latest information, and those planning journeys in the coming days should factor in potential delays due to the prevailing weather conditions.

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The Indian Railways is working diligently to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during this challenging period.

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