Indian Navy P-8I Aircraft Enhances Maritime Cooperation in Ex SeaDragon-24 at Guam

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The Indian Navy’s P-8I aircraft concludes its participation in Ex SeaDragon-24 at Guam, showcasing enhanced interoperability through anti-submarine warfare drills with US, Australian, Japanese, and Korean maritime forces.

New Delhi, January 28, 2024 – In a successful culmination of a week-long naval exercise, the Indian Navy’s P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft has returned after participating in Ex SeaDragon-24 at Guam. The dedicated Indian Naval crew played a pivotal role in boosting interoperability during this multilateral exercise, engaging with counterparts from the US Navy, Australian Air Force, Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Forces, and the Republic of Korea Navy.

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The collaborative efforts primarily focused on honing anti-submarine warfare drills and tactics, showcasing the commitment of the Indian Navy to strengthen ties with international maritime forces. The participation in Ex SeaDragon-24 not only allowed for the exchange of expertise but also fostered camaraderie among the naval personnel from different nations.

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The successful completion of this exercise underscores India’s commitment to enhancing maritime security and cooperation on a global scale. The valuable experience gained through joint exercises like these contributes significantly to the overall preparedness and effectiveness of naval forces in addressing shared challenges in the maritime domain.

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