‘Indian Police Force’ Review: Sidharth Malhotra’s web series is riveting yet cliched

Om Sharma
By Om Sharma 6 Min Read

JANUARY 19, 2024

“Rohit Shetty’s ‘Indian Police Force’ plunges viewers into the tumultuous realm of Delhi Police as they confront a wave of bombings orchestrated by the Indian Mujahideen. Despite boasting a star-studded cast, the series unfolds with a predictable narrative, as noted in our review.”


“Rohit Shetty’s debut web series ‘Indian Police Force,’ starring Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, and more, premiered on January 19, exclusively on Prime Video.”

“Rohit Shetty’s latest masterpiece, ‘Indian Police Force,’ thrusts viewers into the heart of Delhi Police’s tumultuous battle against a wave of bombings orchestrated by the Indian Mujahideen. Helmed by Shetty and Sushwanth Prakash, the series boasts a stellar ensemble, including Sidharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, and Shilpa Shetty. As the narrative unfolds, Joint CP Vikram Bakshi IPS (Vivek Oberoi) and SP Kabir Malik IPS (Sidharth Malhotra) spearhead a special cell unit, delving deep into the mysteries behind the orchestrated chaos.”

“The pulse-pounding debut of ‘Indian Police Force’ unfolds with a gripping premise, as a series of bombings plunge the national capital into chaos. Skillfully portraying the urgency and tension of the crisis, the creators draw viewers into a heart-stopping investigation. At the core of the series is Sidharth Malhotra’s portrayal of the resolute Kabir Malik, whose unwavering love for his country and loved ones becomes the emotional anchor. Supported by a stellar cast featuring Shilpa Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, Mukesh Rishi, Sharad Kelkar, and others, the series weaves a tale of patriotism and suspense.”

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“One of the defining features of ‘Indian Police Force’ is its pulsating soundtrack, skillfully composed by Lijo George and DJ Chetas. The music serves as a compelling backdrop, seamlessly blending with the high-octane sequences, intensifying the narrative’s suspense and drama. Nevertheless, as the series unfolds, Rohit Shetty’s penchant for over-the-top heroic portrayals emerges as both a strength and a weakness. While the noble intention of presenting larger-than-life characters committed to justice is evident, the execution occasionally falters into cringey and forced moments. Shetty’s signature style, characterized by grandiose action and dramatic dialogues, at times overshadows the authenticity of the characters and their struggles.”

“While Sidharth Malhotra’s Kabir Malik impressively balances grit and vulnerability, Vivek Oberoi’s portrayal of Vikram Bakshi falls slightly below expectations. However, the series takes an unexpected turn with Sharad Kelkar’s delightful performance, bringing a comedic twist, especially with his endearing nickname ‘Bulldozer’ for Nikitin Dheer’s character, Rana – a mini comedy jackpot.

Shilpa Shetty’s casting as Tara Shetty adds a quirky touch to the series, initially feeling forced but progressively improving as the show unfolds. Tara’s character injects a dynamic freshness into the ensemble, contributing to the overall narrative.

Mayank Tandon’s Haider/Zarar introduces a new, globe-trotting villain, expanding beyond the confines of the national capital to places like Darbhanga (Bihar) and Kanpur, offering a compelling layer to the series.”

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“Despite serving as Kabir’s mentor, Oberoi’s portrayal falls short of the gravitas demanded by such a crucial role. The contrast becomes evident when juxtaposed with Javed Jaffrey’s nuanced and impactful performance in ‘Sooryavanshi,’ the fourth film in the Rohit Shetty cop universe. Jaffrey’s mentor character not only resonated deeply with the audience but also showcased impeccable comedic timing, adding an extra layer of depth that seems lacking in Oberoi’s rendition.”

“While ‘Indian Police Force’ boasts a riveting narrative, it occasionally succumbs to predictability, leaning on familiar tropes of the crime thriller genre. The series would benefit from more innovative storytelling and plot twists to transcend the standard fare. Inconsistent pacing causes tension to fluctuate, and though the cinematography showcases moments of brilliance, occasional entanglements in choppy VFX and computer graphics faux pas detract from its overall visual impact. Nevertheless, ‘Indian Police Force’ carves its niche in the crime drama landscape, holding its ground despite these imperfections.”

Indian Police Force’ emerges as a decent addition to the crime thriller genre. Notwithstanding a somewhat predictable storyline, the series shines through noteworthy performances. Although the antagonist may not induce the same terror as a Monday morning without coffee, the narrative effectively conveys its message, bypassing the need for postcards.

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Rohit Shetty’s penchant for portraying heroes with noble intentions proves to be a double-edged sword. Nevertheless, the series successfully delivers an entertaining and engaging viewing experience. A sprinkle of innovation and a commitment to steering clear of clichés could have elevated this show to the status of a shining star in the crime thriller galaxy. Instead, it stands as a worthy addition, akin to a quirky sidekick in a detective duo – not flawless, but undeniably charming.”

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