“INS Visakhapatnam : Rescues Merchant Ship Under Drone Attack in Gulf of Aden”

Om Sharma
By Om Sharma 3 Min Read

JANUARY 18, 2024

“In a swift and decisive response, INS Visakhapatnam acknowledged a distress call and successfully intercepted the vessel at 12:30 am today, rendering crucial assistance to the merchant ship under a drone attack in the Gulf of Aden.”

“Underlining its rapid response capabilities, the Indian Navy’s guided missile destroyer, INS Visakhapatnam, swiftly answered a distress call on Wednesday night from a Marshall Island-flagged ship in the Gulf of Aden. The urgency stemmed from a drone attack on the vessel, orchestrated by unknown assailants.”

“In a swift response to a distress call, INS Visakhapatnam, deployed by the Indian Navy for anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, came to the aid of the Marshall Island-flagged MV Genco Picardy. The merchant vessel fell victim to a drone attack at 11:11 pm on Wednesday, prompting the decisive intervention by the naval ship.”

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INS Visakhapatnam intercepted the distressed vessel, MV Genco Picardy, at 12:30 am following a distress call, rendering timely assistance. The ship, carrying a crew of 22, including 9 Indian sailors, reported no casualties.

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Notably, on January 18, 2024, Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialists from INS Visakhapatnam boarded MV Genco Picardy in the early hours to conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged area, as reported by news agency ANI.”

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“Recent Naval Operations: In a proactive response, earlier this month, the Navy’s marine commandos successfully rescued 21 crew members aboard a bulk carrier in the North Arabian Sea. The operation was prompted by a distress call to British Authorities from the Liberian-flagged MV Lila Norfolk, reporting a hijacking by six armed men.

Notably, INS Chennai swiftly intervened, deploying the MARCOs team. Despite boarding the ship, the commandos did not find the hijackers on board. The successful evacuation of all 21 crew members, including 15 Indians, was confirmed by the Indian Navy’s spokesperson, Commander Vivek Madhwal. Following the operation, thorough sanitization conducted by the MARCOS commandos verified the absence of hijackers.

This incident comes amid a series of drone attacks in the Red Sea targeting merchant ships, leading the Indian Navy to deploy multiple vessels in the region to ensure maritime security.”

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