JORAM OTT Manoj Bajpayee: Riveting Thriller “Joram” Now Available on OTT

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Manoj Bajpayee’s acclaimed survival thriller “Joram” is now available for rent on Prime Video. Despite critical success, Bajpayee reflects on the film’s commercial challenges and the industry’s box office obsession.

New Delhi, February 03, 2024: Manoj Bajpayee enthusiasts can now delve into the gripping narrative of his critically-acclaimed survival thriller, “Joram,” as it hits the digital realm on Prime Video. The much-anticipated film, co-starring Smita Tambe, is now available for rent on the OTT platform, bringing the intense storyline directly to viewers’ screens.

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The announcement was made by Manoj Bajpayee himself, who took to his social media handles to share the exciting news along with a link to the movie. The actor, renowned for his stellar performances, has previously collaborated with director Devashish Makhija on projects like “Tandav” and “Bhosale.”

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“Joram” and Aparshakti Khurrana-Ishwak Singh starrer “Berlin” earned accolades at the South Asian International Film Festival, with Zee Studios playing a pivotal role in their success. Despite garnering critical acclaim, “Joram” faced commercial challenges upon its theatrical release on December 8.

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In response to the film’s box office reception, Manoj Bajpayee voiced his disdain for the industry’s obsession with numbers. In an interview with News18, he expressed, “I’ve always spoken against the obsession with box office. I’ve always believed that it has ruined the culture of filmmaking in our country.”

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Bajpayee highlighted the adverse impact of this mindset, explaining, “In a conversation with them, they’ll suddenly quote the amount that a film has made. They feel that if a film has collected Rs 100 crore or above, it’s a very good film and that it qualifies for all kinds of honors in this country.” He emphasized that such a perspective has detrimentally affected the creativity within the film industry.

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Reflecting on the challenges faced by “Joram” in comparison to big-budget productions like “Animal” and “Sam Bahadur,” Bajpayee acknowledged the financial constraints. He stated, “We knew that ‘Animal’ and ‘Sam Bahadur’ are two very big films. A lot of money was spent on both films. There was and still is hype around ‘Animal.’ But we couldn’t afford to spend that much money on our film because ‘Joram’ was a different kind of a film, and we could only allot a certain amount of money to promote and publicize it.”

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As “Joram” finds its way onto Prime Video, the digital audience now has the opportunity to experience the acclaimed thriller on their terms, transcending the limitations of its theatrical run.

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