Mahua Moitra to Challenge Eviction Notice with “Use of Force” Warning at Delhi High Court

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Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra is set to challenge the Centre’s eviction notice at the Delhi High Court, which includes a stern warning of “use of force” if necessary.

New Delhi, January 17, 2024 – In a defiant move, Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra is set to challenge the eviction notice issued by the Centre, which includes a warning of potential “use of force” if required. The notice, served more than a month after Moitra’s expulsion as a Lok Sabha MP due to alleged unethical conduct, demands her immediate vacation of the government bungalow allotted to her.

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According to sources, Moitra will file a writ petition against the eviction notice in the court of Justice Manmohan at the Delhi High Court today. Her legal team contends that, as a candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Moitra is entitled to retain her residence from the last day of the Parliament session before a general election until the day of the results.

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The Centre’s strongly-worded eviction notice, issued by the Directorate of Estates managing government properties, emphasizes that if Moitra fails to vacate voluntarily, she and any other occupant are “liable to be evicted… by the use of such force as may be necessary.”

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The government claims in its notice that Moitra had been given sufficient opportunities to prove her non-unauthorized occupancy but failed to do so.

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Moitra had previously approached the high court, leading to a directive that she request the Directorate of Estates to allow her to stay temporarily. The court, however, refrained from making any observations on the case’s merits and permitted Moitra to withdraw her petition.

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The eviction order stipulates that if Moitra challenges the notice in any court, she will be liable to pay damages for every month of continued occupation.

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Occupying a bungalow in Delhi’s Telegraph Lane, Moitra received the eviction notice on December 11, shortly after her expulsion as an MP. Despite seeking an extension until the Lok Sabha polls this year, citing potential hindrance to her campaign, the Centre remains firm on its directive for immediate vacation.

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