Missile Attack Operation Marg Bar Sarmachat: Precision Strikes Target Terrorist Hideouts in Iran

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In a strategic move, Pakistan initiated Operation Marg Bar Sarmachar, conducting precision strikes against terrorist hideouts in Iran. The operation underscores Pakistan’s commitment to national security and addresses longstanding concerns.

New Delhi, January 18, 2024 – In a strategic move this morning, Pakistan launched Operation Marg Bar Sarmachar, targeting terrorist hideouts in the Siestan-o-Baluchistan province of Iran. The precision military strikes were part of a well-coordinated Intelligence-based operation aimed at countering the threat posed by Pakistani-origin terrorists known as “Sarmachars.”

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Persistent concerns about the safe havens enjoyed by these terrorists within Iran led to the execution of this operation. Despite sharing multiple dossiers containing concrete evidence, Pakistan observed a lack of action, allowing the Sarmachars to continue their activities with impunity, causing harm to innocent lives.

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The successful execution of this complex operation underscores Pakistan’s commitment to safeguarding its national security against all threats. Emphasizing its respect for Iran’s sovereignty, Pakistan clarified that the operation solely aimed at preserving its own security and national interests.

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As a responsible member of the international community, Pakistan reiterates its adherence to the UN Charter’s principles, including the respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of member states. The country affirms that its sovereignty will not be compromised under any pretext or circumstances.

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Acknowledging Iran as a brotherly nation, Pakistan expressed deep respect and affection for the Iranian people. The emphasis remains on dialogue and cooperation to address common challenges, particularly the fight against terrorism. This move reflects Pakistan’s unwavering dedication to the safety and security of its people.

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