Nuclear Battery China: Betavolt Promises 50 Years of Power for Devices Nuclear Battery Price 2024

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Betavolt introduces the BV100, a groundbreaking diamond nuclear battery capable of powering devices for 50 years. This innovative technology marks a significant leap in sustainable, long-lasting energy solutions.

New Delhi, January 17, 2024 – Betavolt New Energy Technology from China has revealed its latest innovation – the BV100, a modular nuclear battery that boasts the capability to power devices for an astonishing 50 years. The technology behind this cutting-edge device involves the fusion of a nickel-63 (⁶³Ni) radioactive isotope with a 4th-generation diamond semiconductor.

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While the concept of nuclear batteries may sound like a futuristic marvel, their roots trace back to the early 1950s. Traditionally, radio-thermal generators have been employed to convert heat from decaying radioactive elements into electricity. However, Betavolt’s BV100 introduces a new principle by utilizing diamond layers doped with radioactive isotopes, such as the first attempt with carbon-14 (¹⁴C).

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The innovation hinges on selecting an isotope that releases Beta (β⁻) particles, essentially high-energy electrons or positrons. When released, these particles activate the diamond matrix, turning it into a semiconductor that generates an electric current. The BV100 features two single-crystal diamond semiconductor layers, each 10 microns thick, sandwiching a 2-micron layer of ⁶³Ni. These individual units can produce current and can be stacked or linked to create a network of independent unit modules, amplifying the overall current output.

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Betavolt ensures safety by enclosing the entire setup in a protective case, guarding against radiation exposure and physical damage. The BV100, with its compact dimensions of 15 x 15 x 5 mm, is capable of producing 100 microwatts at 3 volts. The company envisions a future where such batteries could revolutionize the power dynamics of mobile phones, eliminating the need for recharging, or keep small drones airborne indefinitely.

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Currently in pilot production, Betavolt has plans for mass production of the BV100. A larger one-watt version is expected to hit the market in 2025. Notably, the energy density of the BV100 is rated at 10 times that of lithium batteries, and its design eliminates the risk of fire or explosions.

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Unlike traditional batteries, it generates electricity instead of storing it through chemical reactions, avoiding recharging cycle issues. Moreover, the ⁶³Ni in the battery eventually decays into non-radioactive copper, minimizing environmental impact. This breakthrough in nuclear battery technology holds promising implications for the future of long-lasting, sustainable power solutions.

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