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New Delhi: In a heartfelt message, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his warm congratulations to chess prodigy S. Adhwani, who secured a remarkable victory at the FIDE World Junior Rapid Chess Championship 2023. The Prime Minister hailed Adhwani’s strategic brilliance and exceptional skills, which have not only left the global chess community in awe but have also filled the nation with pride.

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PM Modi Congratulates Chess Prodigy S. Adhwani on World Junior Rapid Chess Championship Triumph

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Adhwani’s victory serves as an inspiring testament to the young talents emerging from India’s vast pool of skillful individuals. Prime Minister Modi expressed his hope that Adhwani’s outstanding achievements would continue to inspire the youth of the nation to strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

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The Prime Minister concluded his message by conveying his best wishes to S. Adhwani for his future endeavors, confident that the young chess sensation will continue to make India proud on the international stage. Adhwani’s victory stands as a shining example of India’s growing prominence in the world of chess and sportsmanship.

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