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New Delhi: In a motivational and insightful address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated the dedication of young athletes and the potential of small-town talent during the closing ceremony of the Amethi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita 2023. Addressing the gathering through a video message, he highlighted several significant points.

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Prime Minister Modi began by acknowledging the significance of the event, especially given the current moment of great success in Indian sports. He proudly noted that the country’s athletes had achieved a remarkable milestone by clinching a hundred medals at the Asian Games. Furthermore, athletes from Amethi had showcased their exceptional skills and spirit at the Sansad Khel Pratiyogita, thereby adding to the nation’s sports legacy.

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He emphasized the new energy and confidence that had been instilled in these athletes as a result of their participation in the competition by saying, “The experience you have gained in the last 25 days is an excellent asset for your sporting career.” In doing so, he brought attention to the fact that the competition had contributed to the instillation of this energy and confidence.

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The Prime Minister took a moment to appreciate and congratulate the mentors, teachers, coaches, and representatives from schools and colleges who played pivotal roles in supporting these young athletes. The assembly of over a lakh players was hailed as a significant achievement, with special praise for Amethi’s Member of Parliament, Smriti Irani, for her instrumental role in ensuring the event’s success.

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Modi emphasized the critical importance of affording sports and athletes the opportunities to thrive in any society. He emphasized that sports naturally foster personality development in youth, instilling values like hard work, resilience, and teamwork. The Prime Minister recognized the proactive efforts of numerous Members of Parliament who have organized sports competitions in their respective constituencies, setting the stage for societal development. He expressed his unwavering belief that the young athletes from Amethi would not only secure medals on the national stage but also on the international arena.

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Prime Minister Modi then emphasized the unwavering focus of athletes, who enter the field with a single-minded goal of achieving victory for themselves and their teams. He noted that presently, the entire nation shares the same dedication, with a united focus on prioritizing the nation’s interests. He stressed the role of every citizen in making India a developed nation and shed light on schemes like TOPS and Khelo India Games, which provide essential support to young athletes in terms of training, diet, coaching, equipment, and more.

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Modi acknowledged the burgeoning talent from small towns across India and lauded the government’s transparent approach, which provides opportunities for showcasing skills. He pointed out that many renowned athletes on the global stage hail from smaller cities. He cited the recent Asian Games as a prime example, where a majority of medal-winners represented smaller towns. He attributed this success to the government’s recognition and support of talent.

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In closing, Prime Minister Modi expressed his unwavering confidence that the hard work of these athletes would soon bear fruit. He envisioned a future where these athletes would bring honor to the country and the Indian tricolor. The Amethi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita was celebrated as a vital platform for identifying and nurturing exceptional talents for the nation’s benefit.

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