PM Modi Initiates Ayodhya Transformation with Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

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In a historic endeavor, Prime Minister Modi is set to lay the foundation stone for transformative projects in Ayodhya, heralding a new era of cultural preservation, infrastructure development, and civic enhancement.

Uttar Pradesh Ayodhya, December 30, 2023 – In a monumental step towards the comprehensive revitalization of Ayodhya, Prime Minister Modi is set to inaugurate a series of ambitious projects aimed at enhancing civic amenities and preserving the city’s rich cultural heritage. The foundation stone-laying ceremony will mark the commencement of a transformative journey for Ayodhya, reflecting a commitment to its historical significance and contemporary needs.

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Among the key projects to be kickstarted is the meticulous conservation and beautification of four historic entrance gates in Ayodhya, breathing new life into the city’s architectural identity. The initiative extends to the construction of new concrete ghats between Guptar Ghat and Rajghat, coupled with the rehabilitation of existing ghats. This holistic approach aims to create a seamless and inviting environment for residents and visitors alike.

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Tourist facilities from Naya Ghat to Laxman Ghat are slated for development and beautification, underscoring the commitment to bolster Ayodhya’s status as a cultural and tourist destination. Additionally, a state-of-the-art visitor gallery is set to be erected for events such as Deepotsav and other fairs at Ram Ki Paidi, providing an immersive experience for attendees.

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The rejuvenation efforts extend to the enhancement and refurbishment of the pilgrim path from Ram Ki Paidi to Raj Ghat and Raj Ghat to Ram Temple, emphasizing the significance of these spiritual routes.

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Prime Minister Modi will lay the foundation stone for a groundbreaking greenfield township project in Ayodhya, a transformative endeavor with a budget exceeding Rs 2180 crore. Simultaneously, the Vashishtha Kunj Residential Scheme, with an estimated cost of approximately Rs 300 crore, aims to provide modern living spaces while preserving the cultural essence of the city.

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In a nod to infrastructural development, the Prime Minister will initiate the construction of the NH-28 (new NH-27) Lucknow-Ayodhya section, reinforcing connectivity for the region. The existing Ayodhya bypass will undergo strengthening and modification, contributing to smoother transportation networks.

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Furthermore, the establishment of the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) center in Ayodhya reflects a commitment to skill development and technological advancement in the region.

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The ceremony will also mark the commencement of construction work for the Municipal Corporation Ayodhya and Ayodhya Development Authority office, signaling a robust administrative infrastructure to support the city’s growth.

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As Ayodhya prepares to embark on this transformative journey, the foundation stone-laying ceremony stands as a symbol of commitment to preserving its cultural heritage while propelling it into a future defined by progress and prosperity.

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