PM Modi Leads Dynamic Deliberations at Chief Secretaries Conference: Emphasizes Policy Focus and Good Governance

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spearheaded vibrant discussions at the Conference of Chief Secretaries, spanning two days. Focused on policy intricacies, the conference aimed at enhancing service delivery and ensuring inclusive governance.

New Delhi, December 30, 2023 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi actively participated in the Conference of Chief Secretaries held over the past two days, emphasizing the significance of robust policy discussions. In a post on X, he highlighted the fruitful deliberations that took place during the conference, spanning a diverse array of policy-related matters.

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The Prime Minister underlined the importance of addressing issues related to service delivery, aiming to enhance the quality of services provided to citizens. Additionally, the discussions also focused on strategies to ensure good governance, with the ultimate goal of benefiting every citizen.

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Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi..!!

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The conference served as a platform for collaborative efforts and thoughtful exchanges, reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering effective policies and governance practices. Prime Minister Modi’s active involvement demonstrated his dedication to steering the nation towards progress and inclusive development.

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