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On the fifth day of Shardiya Navratri, PM Modi reverently sought the blessings of Goddess Skandmata, symbolizing motherly love and compassion, as the nation celebrates the divine.

New Delhi: In a touching display of devotion, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi sought the blessings of Goddess Skandmata, the embodiment of motherly love, on the auspicious occasion of Navratri. As part of the reverence, he shared recitals of prayers (stuti) dedicated to the divine deity.

In a heartfelt message, the Prime Minister expressed,

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“नवरात्रि में आज ममता की प्रतीक देवी स्कंदमाता की विशेष पूजा होती है। देवी मां अपने सभी उपासकों को नवचेतना और नवसृजन का आशीर्वाद दें, यही कामना है,”

Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi..!!

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acknowledging the profound significance of this day.

Maa Skanda Mata, the focal point of devotion on Day 5 of Shardiya Navratri, is a cherished symbol of compassion, motherhood, and boundless love. As the fifth manifestation of Goddess Durga, she rides a lion and is adorned in yellow attire. She is depicted with four arms, one of which cradles the infant Kartikeya. Devotees pay their respects to this divine form, seeking to dispel negative thoughts and inviting health, wealth, and prosperity into their lives.

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On this day, the color of choice is yellow, symbolizing joy, optimism, happiness, cheerfulness, and brightness. Wearing yellow attire is believed to attract the blessings of Skandmata, ushering in joy, abundance, and harmony.

The observance of the fifth day of Shardiya Navratri includes specific rituals and timings. According to Drik Panchang, the Chaturthi Tithi falls on October 19 during Shardiya Navratri. The Brahma Muhurta begins at 04:43 AM and concludes at 05:33 AM on the same day, while the Vijaya Muhurat spans from 02:00 PM to 02:46 PM.

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Devotees honor Maa Skandmata with offerings of yellow flowers, gangajal, kumkum, and ghee. A special bhog featuring various banana-based delicacies is presented as a token of devotion to the goddess.

Shardiya Navratri, a sacred Hindu festival celebrated during the autumn season, brings together people from all over India in fervent devotion, prayer, and cultural celebration. Each of the nine days of this festival is dedicated to the worship of the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga, with Maa Skandmata occupying a special place on Day 5, spreading love and positivity to all who seek her blessings.

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Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi..!!

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Shardiya Navratri, also known as Maha Navratri, holds a significant place in the hearts of devotees, as it symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the ultimate power of the divine. During these nine nights, people across the nation come together to celebrate the divine feminine energy and seek her blessings for a prosperous and harmonious life.

As the festival continues to unfold, the devotees are not only immersed in traditional rituals but also partake in cultural celebrations, music, dance, and feasting. The air is filled with the resonating sound of bhajans and hymns dedicated to the goddess, creating an atmosphere of spiritual awakening and unity.

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The reverence for Maa Skandmata on Day 5 serves as a reminder of the importance of love, compassion, and maternal care in our lives. Her depiction riding a lion symbolizes courage and fearlessness, traits that her devotees seek to embrace in their own lives. This day, colored in vibrant yellow, becomes a canvas of joy and optimism, inspiring people to approach life with a bright and cheerful outlook.

Throughout the entire Navratri festival, each day has its unique significance and rituals, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the divine and the diversity of Indian culture. It is a time of deep introspection, renewal of faith, and a celebration of the eternal bond between the goddess and her devotees.

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As the nation comes together to worship and celebrate Maa Skandmata and the divine energies of the universe, the festival of Shardiya Navratri continues to be a beacon of light and hope, uniting people in their shared devotion and love for the goddess.

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