PM Modi serves up a surprise for MPs with lunch at Parliament House

Om Sharma
By Om Sharma 3 Min Read

FEBRUARY 10, 2024

In a gesture of camaraderie and collaboration, Prime Minister Modi hosted leaders from diverse political backgrounds, including BJD, RSP, TDP, BSP, and BJP, for a lunch meeting. Reflecting a commitment to dialogue and inclusivity, the Prime Minister spent 45 minutes engaging with the representatives before graciously settling the bill, symbolizing a spirit of cooperation transcending partisan divides.

During the penultimate day of the Budget session in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unexpected invitation to lunch for select members of Parliament highlighted a rare gesture of camaraderie and collaboration across party lines.
Union Minister L. Murugan emphasized the significance of the moment when eight MPs shared a meal with the Prime Minister in the Parliament canteen, underscoring it as a unique opportunity.

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BJD leader Sasmit Patra, RSP leader N K Premachandran, TDP’s K Ram Mohan Naidu, BSP’s Ritesh Pandey, BJP’s Heena Gavit, S Phangnon Konyak, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, and L Murugan were among those in attendance for the lunch with PM Modi, highlighting a diverse representation of political leaders converging for discussions.

Unforgettable 45 minutes

L. Murugan expressed the astonishment and delight felt by all, emphasizing Prime Minister Modi’s openness in discussing various aspects of his life, from his daily regimen to his international engagements, including a visit to Karachi. Murugan highlighted the invaluable insights gained during the 45-minute interaction, particularly noting Modi’s disciplined lifestyle, such as sleeping for only 3.5 hours and abstaining from food after 6 pm.

Amidst MPs from diverse political affiliations and regions of India, Prime Minister Modi’s down-to-earth demeanor left a lasting impression, as he sat among them without the airs of his office, even personally settling the bill—an experience Murugan describes as unforgettable.

Prime Minister Modi’s surprise invitation for lunch at the MPs’ canteen in the Parliament House left BJP MP Heena Gavit and her colleagues stunned but immensely gratified, marking an unforgettable experience that will resonate throughout their lives.

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