PM Modi Unveils Maharashtra’s Transformation: Inaugurates Over Rs 12,700 Crore Development Projects in Navi Mumbai

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PM Modi Propels Maharashtra’s Development: In a landmark moment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates projects worth over Rs 12,700 crore in Navi Mumbai, ushering in a new era of connectivity and progress.

New Delhi, January 12, 2024 – In a significant stride towards bolstering infrastructure and connectivity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and dedicated a slew of development projects in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, collectively valued at over Rs 12,700 crore. The ceremony marked a pivotal moment as PM Modi laid the foundation stone for projects poised to transform the region.

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A notable highlight of the event was the flagging off of the inaugural run of the Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train from Uran railway station to Kharkopar, symbolizing a leap forward in the region’s transportation network. The Prime Minister, during the program, emphasized the importance of railway development, dedicating projects worth approximately Rs 2000 crores to the nation.

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Among the key rail initiatives was the dedication of ‘Phase 2 of Uran-Kharkopar railway line,’ a strategic move to enhance connectivity to Navi Mumbai. This extension ensures that suburban services running between Nerul/Belapur to Kharkopar will now seamlessly extend to Uran, catering to the growing demands of the populace.

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Additionally, the Prime Minister unveiled other critical rail projects, including the inauguration of the new suburban station ‘Digha Gaon’ on the Thane-Vashi/Panvel Trans-harbour line and the introduction of the new 6th Line between Khar Road & Goregaon railway station. These initiatives are poised to alleviate the daily commuting challenges faced by thousands in Mumbai.

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Reflecting on the monumental achievements, PM Modi cited the example of the Nilwande Dam project, initiated five decades ago and successfully completed under the current government’s leadership. The Uran-Kharkopar railway line, with a history spanning three decades, saw accelerated progress under the efficient governance of the double-engine government, with the first phase dedicated to the nation on this occasion.

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Addressing delays and challenges in project execution, the Prime Minister drew attention to the Navi Mumbai Metro Project’s first phase, which, despite prolonged delays, has now been completed. He also highlighted the lengthy planning duration of the Atal Setu, spanning five to six decades, and the contrasting scenario of the Bandra-Worli SeaLink – a project five times smaller that took over a decade to complete, with a budget that increased substantially during the process.

PM Modi underscored the commitment to overcoming such hurdles and expediting critical infrastructure projects for the benefit of the citizens.

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