PM Modi’s Big Praise For Manmohan Singh: “Ideological Differences, But…”

Om Sharma
By Om Sharma 2 Min Read

FEBRUARY 08, 2024

“PM Modi Reminisces: Manmohan Singh’s Symbolic Act at Parliament Last Year”

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In a moment of rare camaraderie within the parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered heartfelt praise for his predecessor, Manmohan Singh, lauding him as an “inspiration” for lawmakers. Reflecting on a poignant memory, PM Modi recounted Mr. Singh’s resolute commitment to his duties when, despite physical limitations, he arrived in a wheelchair to cast his vote during a crucial legislative session. Emphasizing the significance of such dedication, the Prime Minister underscored Mr. Singh’s unwavering commitment to democracy, irrespective of party affiliations, expressing his hope for his continued guidance and well-being.

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Highlighting Manmohan Singh’s towering legacy, PM Modi acknowledged his substantial contributions both as a leader and in the opposition, transcending ideological differences. Recognizing the enduring impact of Mr. Singh’s guidance on the nation’s democratic discourse, the Prime Minister hailed his statesmanship and pledged to honor his legacy in parliamentary deliberations. The gesture was reciprocated by Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge, who expressed gratitude to PM Modi for his commendations of Manmohan Singh’s service, emphasizing the importance of recognizing merit regardless of political affiliations.

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