PM Modi Unveils Visionary Viksit Bharat Budget 2024: A Transformative Blueprint for Inclusive Development

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In a landmark address, the Prime Minister lauded the Viksit Bharat Budget, describing it as more than an interim measure. Emphasizing inclusivity and innovation, it reflects a commitment to transformative development.

New Delhi, February 01, 2024 – In a resounding address to the nation, Prime Minister underscored the significance of the latest budget, emphasizing that it goes beyond being just an interim financial plan. Describing it as “inclusive and innovative,” the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the Viksit Bharat Budget is poised to fortify the groundwork for a developed India.

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During the speech, the Prime Minister assured the public that this budget carries the conviction of continuity, aiming to build upon past achievements and propel the nation toward even greater accomplishments. Highlighting the forward-looking nature of the financial plan, he asserted that it resonates with the aspirations of Young India, reflecting the dynamism and ambition of the country’s youth.

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Undeterred by challenges, the Prime Minister stated, “We set a big goal, achieved it, and then set an even bigger goal for ourselves.” This resolute approach to national development was a central theme, emphasizing the government’s commitment to reaching new heights and surpassing expectations.

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A notable aspect of the budget, as highlighted by the Prime Minister, is its unwavering focus on empowering the poor and middle-class. The financial plan is designed to uplift these segments of society, ensuring that the benefits of economic progress are accessible to all.

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PM Unveils Visionary Viksit Bharat Budget 2024: A Transformative Blueprint for Inclusive Development

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In summary, the Prime Minister’s address portrayed the Viksit Bharat Budget as a transformative force, shaping the trajectory of the nation towards a more developed and empowered future. The government’s dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and the aspirations of the people were key themes, reinforcing the vision for a robust and progressive India.

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