PUBG Battlegrounds Update 28.1 Rolls Out with Critical Bug Fixes

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In the latest PUBG Battlegrounds update 28.1, critical bug fixes have been deployed, enhancing gameplay and addressing issues from gameplay mechanics to cosmetic item appearances.

New Delhi, February 06, 2024: In the latest stride forward for the ever-popular battle royale game, PUBG Battlegrounds has just dropped its highly anticipated Update 28.1, aimed at ironing out pesky bugs and enhancing overall gameplay experience.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key fixes included in this update:-

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PUBG Battlegrounds Update 28.1: Gameplay Enhancements

  • Resolved the notorious issue causing frame rate drops due to player concentration on specific areas of the starting island.
  • Boat steering now operates independently without inadvertently moving other objects.
  • Rectified inconsistencies in player rankings and Kill Points post rejoining the game after an unexpected exit.
  • Adjusted audible range of gunfire sounds for improved realism.

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PUBG Battlegrounds Update 28.1: World Fixes

  • Tackled collision, texture, and performance issues, ensuring smoother gameplay.
  • Radio Messages now correctly recognize the Market.
  • Fixed instances of instant death when hit by a Stun Gun in a Down But Not Out (DBNO) state without surviving teammates.
  • Invisible collisions in buildings destroyed by the Black Zone on Karakin have been eradicated.

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PUBG Battlegrounds Update 28.1: User Experience (UX/UI) Enhancements

  • Party invitation messages now disappear after a party is successfully formed.
  • Visual inconsistencies within the Coral Smoke Grenade image have been addressed.
  • Medal images on the Career – Medals page now boast improved resolution.

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PUBG Battlegrounds Update 28.1: Items & Skins Refinements

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  • Various clipping issues on character models have been resolved, ensuring a seamless visual experience.
  • Cosmetic items such as the PGI.S Tactical Hoodie and Bunny Academy Sailor Hat now display correctly.
  • Outfit combinations like the Elegant Summer Romper no longer suffer from clipping issues.
  • In-game icons for items like the LINE FRIENDS CONY Sweater now accurately represent their appearance.
  • Cosmetic items like the Cyber Survivor Bottom and Lucha Royal Wrestler Boots no longer cause visual anomalies when worn together.

This comprehensive update underscores PUBG’s commitment to delivering a polished and immersive gaming experience for its dedicated player base. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as PUBG Battlegrounds continues to evolve.

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