Sumit Kadel’s Unlikely Adventure: Mother’s Unexpected Embrace of ‘Animal’ Transcends Genres

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Film critic Sumit Kadel’s ‘Animal’ experience took an unexpected turn when his mother, despite warnings, immersed herself in the intense narrative, proving the film’s ability to transcend genres.

New Delhi, February 06, 2024: In a surprising revelation, renowned film critic Sumit Kadel shared a unique experience while watching the much-talked-about film, “Animal,” on the OTT platform Kadel, known for his insightful reviews, found himself in an unexpected scenario when his mother joined him to watch the intense and violent drama.

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Despite Kadel’s cautionary warnings about the film’s nature, his mother was determined to give it a shot. With a mix of curiosity and a touch of humor (as evidenced by the cheeky emoji), Kadel observed her reactions closely, admitting to fast-forwarding through a few particularly intense scenes.

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To his amazement, as the gripping narrative unfolded, Kadel’s mother became deeply engrossed in the raw emotions and character complexities portrayed on screen. From laughter at lighthearted moments to clenched fists during intense action sequences, and even shedding tears at impactful emotional scenes, every emotion was vividly expressed on her face. It was as if she had become a part of the film’s universe.

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What stood out was his mother’s keen understanding of the film’s underlying message, particularly her deep empathy for Ranbir Kapoor’s character and his intense love for his father amidst the violent and tumultuous circumstances. This unexpected connection left Kadel in awe, attributing the success not only to director Sandeep Reddy Vanga but also to the mesmerizing performance of Ranbir Kapoor.

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Together, Vanga and Kapoor crafted a masterpiece in “Animal” that transcended genres, touching the souls of even those who typically avoided action-packed and violent films. Kadel emphasized that “Animal” has become a once-in-a-lifetime film, shattering preconceived notions and proving that storytelling, when executed with finesse, can truly move and connect people from all walks of life.

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The unexpected turn of events serves as a reminder that exceptional moments happen when we step out of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to be captivated by the unexpected. Like millions of others, Kadel’s mother is eagerly awaiting the next chapter, expressing anticipation for “Animal Park” with a cheerful emoji.

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Sumit Kadel’s Unlikely Adventure: Mother’s Unexpected Embrace of ‘Animal’ Transcends Genres.
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