Trudeau Sounds Caution: Warns of Setback for Canada if Trump Prevails in US Election 2024

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has voiced concerns over the potential return of Donald Trump, stating it would be a setback for Canada. Recent polls reveal widespread apprehension among Canadians.

New Delhi, January 17, 2024 – In a recent address to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern over the possibility of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump winning the upcoming US presidential election in November. Trudeau remarked that such an outcome would be “a step back,” making life tougher for Canada. Speaking in French, he noted, “It wasn’t easy the first time, and if there is a second time, it won’t be easy either.”

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Trudeau highlighted the challenges that a Trump victory would pose not only for Canada but also for Americans, emphasizing that dealing with the United States has never been an easy task. He characterized a potential Trump win as a victory for populism fueled by “anguish and fury” without offering substantial solutions.

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The Canadian Prime Minister underscored the primary responsibility of any leader to represent and defend their country’s interests. Despite tense relations with former US President Donald Trump during Trudeau’s first term, he asserted that Canada had effectively fulfilled these responsibilities. Canada, being highly dependent on the US for trade, is particularly vulnerable to any shift toward protectionism.

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Reflecting on his past term, Trudeau noted that Trump showed little interest in environmental issues, while his Liberal government prioritized the fight against climate change. Trudeau stated, “There are clearly issues where I do not agree at all with Mr. Trump.”

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Recent polls in Canada indicate widespread skepticism about the prospect of another four years of Trump in power. About two-thirds of Canadians surveyed believe that US democracy cannot survive another Trump term, with nearly half expressing concerns about the United States heading toward authoritarianism.

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In the midst of these geopolitical considerations, Canada is also grappling with a housing crisis. As part of its response, the government is reportedly contemplating measures to cap the number of international students in the coming months. The move reflects the multifaceted challenges Canada faces as it navigates both international relations and domestic issues.

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Justin Trudeau further elaborated on his concerns, referring to the “lost four years” of his first term, during which Trump displayed limited interest in environmental issues. Trudeau contrasted this with his government’s focus on combating climate change, highlighting clear disagreements with the former US president on crucial matters.

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The Canadian leader emphasized that a Trump win would not only signify a step backward for Canada but also a resurgence of a populist wave driven by discontent and frustration. Trudeau pointed out that such movements often lack effective solutions, posing a challenge to the collaborative efforts between the two countries.

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Canada’s vulnerability to shifts in US policy, particularly those leaning towards protectionism, was underlined by Trudeau. With 75% of its goods and services exports heading to the US, any alterations to trade agreements could significantly impact the Canadian economy. He reflected on the past negotiations with Trump, who had vowed to renegotiate the free trade treaty binding the US, Canada, and Mexico. Despite the challenges, Canada managed to secure a trilateral pact that largely protected its interests.

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Recent polls have shed light on Canadian sentiments towards the potential return of Trump to the White House. The majority of those surveyed expressed doubt about the sustainability of US democracy under another Trump presidency. Additionally, a significant portion voiced concerns about the United States veering towards an authoritarian state.

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Amidst these international concerns, Canada is also grappling with a housing crisis, prompting the government to consider measures to cap the number of international students in the coming months. This move reflects the intricate balance Canadian leaders must strike between global geopolitical dynamics and pressing domestic issues, showcasing the multifaceted challenges faced by the nation.

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